Frequently Asked Questions Basics

What is is an online marketplace where you can book a photographer or be a photographer! We’re building a community of memory makers and photography enthusiasts to connect and capture beautiful moments. We want you to look around, take it all in and be in the moment!

How can help me? helps you discover and book the perfect photographer for any event at the right price. If you’re looking for a photographer, we make it easy to search, compare, review, choose and book! Some might say its as easy as pie, and we like pie.

If you’re a photographer who is looking to capture memories, we help you setup your profile, promote yourself, give you access to events, book events and build relationships. We are your guide! Anything you want to do, we can help make it happen.

How can I contact

Oh please do! We love chatting with our friends through email, on Twitter, and on Facebook. We are always here to help!

I’m a Photographer, how can help me?

If you’re a photographer who is looking to capture memories, we help you setup your profile, promote yourself, give you access to events, book events and build relationships. We are your guide! Anything you want to do, we can help make it happen.

I’m looking for a Photographer, how can help me? helps you discover and book the perfect photographer for any event at the right price. If you’re looking for a photographer, we make it easy to search, compare, review, choose and book! Some might say its as easy as pie, and we like pie.

Does offer ice cream?

Sadly we do not. However, you can swing by our favorite ice cream shop Hello Honey in downtown Cincinnati. We highly recommend the torched marshmallow as a topping...they actually torch it right in front of you!

Why does the website have a “.ly” and not “.com”?

Your first thought might be that we are located in Libya, or that we are somehow affiliated with Libya. That would be false! We’ve never been to Libya, and don’t currently have it on our list of countries to visit. Instead, we live in a beautiful, bustling city nicknamed the “Queen City” aka Cincinnati, OH. And just in case you skipped those geography classes growing up, we are indeed in the Midwest.

Our web address is “.ly” instead of “.com” because our name is See how that works out nicely! We also couldn’t get a “.com” because someone sitting on a tropical beach somewhere already owns it. It’s cool though, we like it better this way. There are some other pretty rad companies who also have a “.ly” (and are in no way connected to Libya) such as:,, and See, they’re legit and so are we :)


Getting Started

What do I need to create an account?

Email address, zipcode and the ability to come up with a super cool password that nobody could guess or simply connect with your Facebook account.

How do I edit/change my profile?

Just go to the top right corner of the home screen and click on your avatar (no, not the movie). You will see an option to “Edit Profile”, click that and do what you gotta do!

Will save me 15% or more on car insurance?

Um, no. You must be thinking of a little green gecko who peddles inexpensive insurance on your tv. We don’t know any little green gecko’s right now but are open to adding one to the team!

Searching for a Photographer

How do I find a photographer?

We make finding a photographer super easy! You can find photographers either by scrolling through our “Browse Photographers” page or you can refine your search but using search filters. This is a handy tool when you already know the type of photographer you want, the location or the price point that works for you.

How can I use search filters?

You can filter photographers by location, type {Weekender, Part-Timer, Full-Timer} and price.

What’s the difference between a Weekender, Part-Timer and Full-Timer?

A Weekender is a photographer who probably already has a full-time job during the week or is in school. They are super passionate about photography and like to work some gigs into their schedule.

A Part-Timer Photographer has a few more bells and whistles than your average Weekender. Part-Timer’s provide some basic editing skills, think “airbrushing” for us non-famous folks.

Full-Timers are full-blown photography lovers! They eat, breath and sleep photography and bring some advance photo editing skills to the table.

How can I speak directly with a photographer with questions?

We’ve got a handy messaging service that you can use. When you select the photographers profile that you are interested in you can message them with questions by clicking the “Message” button in the upper right hand corner of their profile page.


How do I book a photographer on

To check out our listed photographers you can either click on the “Browse Photographers” icon in the header or hit that “Book a Photographer” button on our home page. You’ll be able to view available local photographers, check out their work, and book them for any type of event.

How much time does a photographer have to respond to my booking request? Once you have filled out a booking request for your event, the photographer you requested has 24 hours to respond.

Can I cancel my pending booking request?

Yes! If you have sent a booking request to a photographer and it is pending {meaning the photographer hasn’t accepted or rejected it yet} you can cancel the request by going to your dashboard and selecting “manage bookings”. There will be an option to “cancel” your pending booking request there.

How do I know if my booking request has been accepted or rejected?

If your request was accepted you will receive an email immediately after the photographer accepts. This confirmation email will include the details of your event {date, time, location} as well as serve as a receipt for your transaction.

If your request was rejected you will receive an email letting you know your selected photographer was not able to accept your request and will also receive three recommendations for similar photographers who may be available.

What happens if my booking request is rejected or expires?

Photographers have 24 hours to respond to your request. If they haven’t responded within that 24 hour period your request automatically is rejected. If your booking request is rejected you will immediately receive an email from letting you know the photographer your requested has rejected your request. We will also provide 2-3 alternative photographers who are similar to the original photographer you requested to book, so that you have options.

How much do I pay for a booking?

The final cost of your booking depends on the photographer you’ve chosen and how many hours you have booked them for. If you have booked a photographer for a half an hour, we divide their rate in half. So for example, if you booked a photographer for 1.5hrs and they charge $50 an hour your final price prior to the service will be $75.

In order to provide the best customer service and platform, we add a 10% service fee to all bookings. So if your booking was $75 there will be a 10% service fee added to that and your final cost is $82.50.


What are the service fees?

To keep kicking we add a 10% service fee to all customer bookings.

How does the payment system work?

When you send a booking request to a photographer for your event, that photographer has 24 hours to either accept or reject your request. If the photographer accepts your request then the amount of the booking {the photographers hourly rate x the number of hours your event is + the service fee} is posted to your credit/debit account. Our payment system {Braintree} holds that amount in escrow until your booking. When you’ve had your awesome event, the photographer you chose will then upload your photos to a private album visible only to you and the photographer. When you have viewed the photos and confirmed they are your photos, your payment is released to the photographer.

How can I pay for a booking?

You can pay for your booking with either a debit or credit card.

What methods of payment do you accept?

Currently we accept: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and JCB.

What currencies do you accept?

Currently, we only accept US Dollars.

Can I pay with PayPal?

No, sorry!

Where do I get the receipt for my booking?

Immediately following the acceptance of your booking from the photographer you choose, you will be emailed a confirmation which also acts as a receipt. Pulling double duty!

How can I include a business name on my receipt?

Sorry, we have not introduced that functionality yet. Currently, the name that makes the booking will be what is provided on your receipt.

Can I use more than one payment method to pay for my booking?

Sad face :( Currently you can only use one payment method to complete your purchase.

What if my credit card expires before my reservation?

That’s okay! You are charged for your booking at the time you make it.


How do I get a refund?

We will provide a refund back to the debit or credit card that you used for your booking in the event your event is canceled or the photos you receive are in any way incorrect.

What situations can I get a refund for?

In these situations, we would be happy to issue a refund:

  • The photographer you booked cancelled your event within 24 hours of its start time {we will try to find you a replacement}
  • The photographer you booked failed to show up to your event

What is the customer refund policy?

If your booking meets one of our refund situations or you feel your booking did not meet your expectations please email us immediately at so that we can assist you.

How can I report if something is wrong with my session?

Contact us right away at and let us know what has happened. We will fix any issues right away!

Changes & Cancellations

How do I change a booking?

If your booking request has been accepted by a photographer than you can contact the photographer directly by using the “Message” button at the top right hand corner of their profile. If you are needing to change the start time or date of your event, the type of event or the location you should contact the photographer directly to make those changes. If you need to change the number of hours you need your photographer for then please contact us at so that we can make that change!

How do I cancel my booking as a customer?

You can cancel your booking by going to your dashboard and selecting the event that you would like to cancel. There is an option to cancel the event.

How do I get a refund if the photographer cancels my booking?

You will see a credit to the debit or credit card in the amount of your booking within 24 hours of your selected photographer cancelling the booking.

What is’s cancellation policy?

You may cancel your booking at any time until 24 hours before your event start time without any penalties. If you cancel your booking within 24 hours of your events start time there will be a 25% late cancellation fee deducted from your refund and the 10% Service Fee will not be refunded.


List Your Services

How much should I charge for my services?

We have provided ranges for you during the “Get Listed” process which take into account the type of photographer you are. Ultimately, what you price your services at is up to you but to stay competitive with other, similar photographers you may want to try to stay within those ranges.

How do I list packages?

We set out to make booking a photographer easy for customers and easy for photographers which is why we have our photographers work at an hourly rate. We do not offer package pricing.

What do I choose for my availability (Weekender, Part-Timer, Full-Timer)?

Totally depends! If you only want to work a couple hours a week, or are more of a photography enthusiast you fall into the Weekender bucket. If you are looking for more gigs than 1-2 a week or are looking to decide whether you want to try photography full-time, you’d be the perfect Part-Timer. If you are currently a Full-Time Photographer then you probably already know where you fit {hint: you’re a Full-Timer :)}

What days/times can I choose to be available for bookings?

It’s your schedule so you have the luxury of deciding what works best for you. When you receive booking requests, check your calendar and if it fits then accept!

Photographer Basics

How do I become a photographer on

Just Sign Up!

Who can become a photographer on

Anyone who has a passion for photography and a DSLR camera.

How much experience do I need to have to be a photographer on

None! If you’re a kickass photographer and have a DSLR camera then you can join our awesome community. We can’t wait for you to join us!

What editing skills/software do I need to have/know to be a photographer?

It depends on your level, but if you are a Weekender or Part Timer its helpful to have some basic editing skills in software such as Photoshop. If you are a Full-Timer then you need to have advance photo editing skills and a bit more experience with those tools.

What legal and regulatory issues should I consider before I become a photographer on

Since doesn’t involve your car or your house there are no legal issues to consider. We’ve checked and luckily there is no law against taking awesome photos!

Manage Your Profile

How do I set up my profile?

Once you have registered as a photographer on our website you will be prompted to list yourself as a photographer which you will want to do if you would like to get bookings and get paid :) First, you will need to upload a profile photo so that your customers know what you look like in addition to a minimum of 15 portfolio photos. Next, you will want to get your identity verified by going through Trulioo’s super easy verification process. Getting verified will help you build rapport with potential customers and will also move you up in the search results. Once that’s all done, you can input your payout information with our payment system Braintree, and get ready to see the booking requests roll in.

What do I need to set up my profile?

You need some basic info about yourself including your name, location, photographer level and rate that you are pricing your services at. You will also need a profile picture and some photos of your work to include in your profile for customers to check out.

How do I set my pricing?

We know pricing is tough so we created some ranges for you. If you are a Weekender you will typically fall into the $40-60 an hour range. If you’re a Part-Timer you’ll be in the $60-100 an hour range and a Full-Timer typically prices themselves at $100+ an hour.

How do I delete my profile?

If you’d like to hide yourself from the listings you can change your status by clicking on the “Listing” button on your dashboard. If you decide you’d like to be completely removed from just shoot us an email at We will be very sad to see you go :(


How do I set my location?

When signing up we ask you for your city, state and zip.

How do I edit my location?

Once you’ve got a profile, you can change your location by going to “Settings” and updating your current location.

Photo Management

How do I add or change my profile photo?

You can change your profile photo by clicking on “Edit Profile” under your profile picture in the upper right hand corner of this page. You can then choose to change your profile photo.

What type of photos should I use in my first album to showcase my skills?

Any photos that you have personally taken that showcase your passion. If you love taking wedding photos, put up some really sweet wedding pictures!

How do I create an album for public events I attended?

No need to! When you RSVP to one of the awesome public events we send you, a photo album is automatically created in your profile. Once you’ve attended the event, taken beautiful photos and processed them you can go ahead and upload them to your public album so customers can view your photos.

How do I create an album for private events I get booked for?

You don’t have to! Same thing goes as with public events - when you accept a booking a private photo album is automatically created in your profile. Once you’ve gone to the event, taken kandid photos and processed them you can go ahead and upload them to the private album. When you’ve uploaded the photos, your customer receives an email notification letting them know their photos are ready. Once your customer checks out their photos in your private album your payout is released to your bank account. Cha-ching!

How can I share my photos?

Easy! Share your photos on all your social media pages with our one click step.

Who owns the rights to my photos?

All photos uploaded by you the photographer into your portfolio are directly owned by you. All photos that you, the photographer, take at public events and upload to a public event album in your profile are owned jointly by you and us {}. All photos taken at a private, paid event that a customer booked you for through and are uploaded to a private photo album in your profile are jointly owned by you and the customer who booked and paid for the photos you took.


How do I set my pricing?

When you sign up to become a listed photographer on the platform we ask you to provide your hourly rate.

How do I change my pricing?

You can change your pricing when you go to your Dashboard.

How do I set custom or seasonal pricing?

Currently we only allow you to set one price for all of your events. When deciding what rate you should charge for your services, make sure you look at what you typically charge for different types of events and choose an hourly rate that reflects your current pricing.

How do I set add-on pricing for props, extra editing, etc?

In an effort to create a transparent community for our photographers and customers we have set out on redefining how the photography industry works. With that said, is set up for you to price yourself with an hourly rate that covers all types of events and editing.


How do I send/respond to messages?

You can send and respond to messages within your dashboard on the platform.

Booking Requests

How do I accept or reject a booking request?

When a customer requests to book you for an event you will receive a notification which will include two buttons - accept & reject. If you select “accept” then yes, you have accepted the booking request!

How do I know if a booking is confirmed?

If you have accepted a booking request from a customer you will receive a confirmation email immediately following your acceptance of the request. The confirmation email will contain the event details and will act as a receipt for you, the photographer, showing the payout amount.

If you do not receive a confirmation email please us at so we can make sure you get it!

What do I do after I receive a booking request from a customer?

Check your calendar and see if you’re available for the event. Then decide whether to accept or reject the booking request. You only have 24 hours to decide and if you haven’t responded within 24 hours, the booking request automatically gets rejected.

How much time do I have to respond to a booking request?

You have 24 hours to either accept or reject a booking request from a customer.

Do I have to give a reason for rejecting a booking request?

Yes! The customer who requested to book you will not see why you have rejected their request. Only we see that information and we collect it so that we can gather information on what features to build for the platform.


How do I get paid for my bookings?

When you create an account and get listed on we ask for you to fill out information on how you’d like to receive your payouts. Following the completion of a successful event shoot with a customer you have seven days to upload the photos to a secure album that can only be accessed by you and the customer. Once your photos have been uploaded we notify the customer and they have 24 hours to confirm that the photos you uploaded are theirs. Once they confirm, we release the payment to whatever account you included in your payments section. Cha-ching!

What if I want to change my method of receiving payments from

That’s simple! Go to your dashboard and change your payout information.

How long does it take after a booking to receive my payment?

We pay you for your booking 24 hours after your customer has confirmed that they received their photos.

How does the payment system work?

When a customer sends you a booking request for their event, you have 24 hours to either accept or reject their request. If you accept their request then the amount of the booking {your hourly rate x the number of hours the event is + the service fee} is posted to the customers credit/debit account. Our payment system {Braintree} holds that amount in escrow until the booking. At the conclusion of the event, you have seven {7} days to upload the event photos to a private album in your profile. Once you’ve uploaded the photos, your customer receives a notification that their photos are ready. They have 24 hours to confirm the uploaded photos are theirs. Once your customer has confirmed that the photos you uploaded are their photos we then release payment to your bank account.

What will my payout be?

Your payment is the sum of your booking {your hourly rate multiplied by the number of hours you worked the event} less the service fee. So for example if you are a Weekender and you charge $50 an hour and you were booked for 2 hours, your payout will be $85.

What are the service fees?

In order to offer our photographers and customers an amazing platform and awesome customer service we include service fees to all bookings. These are our current rates:

  • Weekenders: 15%
  • Part-Timers: 10%
  • Full-Timers: 5%

Can I accept tips from customers?

No, sorry! We charge the customer an amount based on the hourly rate of you, the photographer and how many hours they booked you for.

How can I look at my booking payout history?

That is available on your dashboard.

How can I view a breakdown of my payout history?

That is available on your dashboard.


How do I refund my customer?

Photographers do not refund customers. We take care of that for you!

Do I have to refund my customer when they make a complaint?

Nope. We work with customers directly when issues arise, if it is determined that a customer needs to be refunded we will communicate that with you. In most instances you will still be paid if a customer gets a refund.


What if I can’t get ahold of the customer prior to their booking?

If you sent a message to your customer prior to their booking event and have not heard back you have two options. If it’s not an urgent message you can speak with them at the event. If it’s urgent {ex: you are no longer able to cover their event} contact us at immediately.

What if I feel uncomfortable with my customer?

We strive for all of our photographers and customers to enjoy a safe and fun environment but we know sometimes that doesn’t always happen. If for any reason you feel uncomfortable with your customer or at their event please contact us immediately at If you feel like your safety is threatened, please call your local law enforcement immediately. Don’t second guess yourself, we want you to always be in a safe environment and we will help you with any issues that arise.

Search Results

How are search results determined?

Search results are determined by a number of different elements. The easiest way to make sure that you show up towards the top of search results when you’re just getting started is by making sure your profile is 100% complete.

How do I know if my profile is appearing in search results?

That’s easy! Check out’s listed photographers :)

How can I promote my profile?

The easiest and most successful way to promote your profile and your business is to attend local events. Taking candid photos and interacting with potential customers and providing them with you profile mini card is a great way to drum up some buzz. The more pro-active you are, the more bookings you will get! It’s as easy as pie :)

Trust & Safety

Online Safety

How do I keep my account secure?

We do everything possible to keep your information secure. To help us, we hope you do not give any of your private information or your login credentials to anyone. Keep the circle of trust small, just us and you!

My account details changed but I didn’t update them. What should I do?

No time like the present! It only takes a New York minute to update your profile information, so head on over to your avatar to get everything squared away.

Why should I pay and communicate only through

Safety is our top priority for everyone on our platform, and we can only guarantee your safety when you use our site. If you move off our platform to communicate or accept payment then we can’t help you if something goes wrong. We love helping you so please keep everything safely on our platform. We promise you will sleep better at night if you do.

What if someone asks to arrange payment through email or off the website?

If someone asks you to move off the website we would like you to alert us at so we can take care of it. Never move off our website, as we cannot guarantee that it will be a secure transaction, or that your information will be safe.

What does “Trulioo verified” mean?

We take the safety of our community very seriously which is why we strongly encourage all of our photographers to be verified through a third-party identity verification service called Trulioo (pronounced "Truly You"). If a photographer has been verified through Trulioo they will have a badge on their profile stating their successful identity verification.

Booking Safety

What should I do to ensure my event is safe?

If your event is happening in an outdoor setting, please be aware of any adverse weather that may occur and make a decision based on the safety of yourself and your photographer. If your event is indoors, please make sure there is nothing that could harm you, your guests or your photographer. If you at anytime feel unsafe, please leave the event immediately and contact us right away. Never feel obligated to do something you are not comfortable with, we are here to help make everything run smoothly so please let us know if you have any issues!

In case of an emergency during a reservation or you feel your personal safety is threatened, contact the local police or emergency services immediately.